Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)
Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)

Cat Travel Pouch (Breathable Fabric)

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Comfy Cat Travel Pouch is the innovative comfy cat carrier and grooming sack in one. Now you can hold your kitty steady, calm, and comfortable when talking to the vet or travel. There is even a shoulder strap for easy carrying, so you won't feel the weight of it at all.

The perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm and still while clipping nails.

Just slide the collar over kitty’s head, adjust to the size, and close it with zipper.
Ideal for any size cat. Designed to keep kitty close and secure.


  • Soft carrier for cats and small dogs
  • Made from a rip-resistant canvas material which is not only breathable but also could prevent sharp nails from poking through
  • Has a shoulder strap sling that makes for easier carrying and keeps your pet close to your body
  • Can also be used as a grooming sack for clipping nails, bath time, or administering medicine
  • The opening for your pet's head is adjustable and there are 2 openings for the front paws which can be closed with Velcro
  • Allows your cat or small dog to see his surroundings which will help keep them at ease
  • The top strap is connectable to a seat belt
  • Machine washable
  • One size fits all !!!!!
  • For pets of up to 22.04 lbs
  • Easy to clean

 We will send you 2x Cat Carrier Pouches for the price of one!

Customer questions & answers

Question: is this escape-proof?
Answer: Once you finally get the cat into the pouch and tighten the Velcro around the neck, probably not but...ours escaped several times while trying to get him in and was not the contented little kitty shown in the picture once he was in the pouch.
Question: I noticed the line that says a set of two. do they really send you two carrier bags or is this just reiterating the multi-use function of the bag?
Answer: There are two pouches! And they work great! I haven't used it for grooming, but did wonders for carrier anxiety! 
Question: Does this have a double zipper so it can open from the top or bottom for nail trimming?
Answer: each Pouch has two hook-and-loop fastener openings for the front paws at the top and a zippered opening for the rear paws at the bottom. and consumers say it works great for clipping nails!
Question: Will it hold my 23 lb cat?
Answer: we think 22 lb is the maximum weight, but if you try it and don't like it you can return any time as late as you want

7 Reviews

Emma N.

Verified purchase

This bag is a Godsend. My precious angel cat is an absolute NIGHTMARE to give oral medications to. He was diagnosed with Stomatitis & no treatments seemed to help. Our vet recommended a medication that can ONLY be given orally. This bag is AMAZING!!! Izzy has no problems getting in it. Izzy has now been getting his oral medication daily & his screams-as-if-he’s-being-murdered are shorter & he sometimes even accepts the meds without issue. Honestly, I cannot recommend this bag enough if you have a precious angel who becomes a demonic hellbeast when its time for oral meds. I am so glad that Facebook is clearly listening to me & the Cat Carrier Pouch was a targeted ad.


Judith W.

Verified purchase

I ordered this based on an online ad. I had a senior cat who really disliked carriers and she was sick so I ordered it as a potentially less stressful way to take her to the vet. It was a huge hit. She was very calm instead of stressed and anxious. I won't go back to carriers ever again. Also it helps me cut my cats nail and give her medicines. She doesn't mind being in the bag.


Betsy L.

Verified purchase

This is the most amazing product! I haven’t been able to take my cats to the vet in years...fights trying to get into a carrier, crying, hyperventilating, peeing in the car...but I have used the cat bag on all 3 of my babies and it works perfectly!!! No fights, low stress, safe travel in the car. I LOVE this product!!!


Donna K.

Verified purchase

My cats won’t ride in a crate without protesting noisily the entire way. But they rode happy over 2000 miles cross country in their kitty sacks.

Eileen W.

Verified purchase

My cat will not go near the travel crate. He cries and then gets sick right away. My vet suggested the bag and I bought it. As soon as i put him in the bag he became the most docile cat. He has no problem when i pick him up and carry him around. And as a bonus, I use it to cut his nails.

Danielle S.

Verified purchase

Bought for my mom so she could take her cat to the vet easily and helps when trimming nails.

Linda D.

Verified purchase

I love this carrier! It is so much easier to carry than the hard crate kind, and my cats seem to be more relaxed in them.